Lemon: a Fruit for all Seasons

Lemon Recipes Lemon: is an aromatic citrus fruit used in recipes to make lemonade, lemon cake and lemon meringue pie.

Additionally, lemons are beneficially used in formulas for beauty and health needs.

Today, we continue to discover many beneficial ways to use lemons as we share culturally diverse recipes and formulas with an international community. More/Less

When life gives us lemons... We can turn tart into delicious and bitter into beneficial with the right "ingredients."Check out the Recipes for delights of kitchen and the Books section for inspiration and practical solutions.

Lemons were an adventure of discovery!

We believe that lemons are native to the region of Southeast Asia between India and Southern China. Traders and Botanist alike delighted in discovering and learning the value of lemons.

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Lemonade  StandWhat is more fun than your first business venture! A lemonade stand is a grand tradition!

Often the phrase "making lemonade" expresses entrepreneurial abilities and triumph over adversity. More/Less

With just a few lemons, sugar and water you can start a business!

You are cordially invited to "Click Over" to the Lemonade Stand and calculate the profits from your venture.

Enjoy your lemonade plain or sweet. Add other fruit and dress it up for a party.


Lemons, originally found in Northern India, and prized for their unique flavor, enhance culinary delights around the world.

Referred to as the "golden apple," lemons were traded for a variety of precious items. Once treasured and cared for by kings lemons are now delivered to a store near you!

Some favorite recipes include More/Less

Lemon Recipes

Any many thousands more! Check out the Recipes section for delights of the palate. See the Books section for inspiration.

Lemon for Your Health

lemons for healthLemons offer substantial health benefits.

A staple in the kitchen, lemons inspire natural health and beauty products.

You may be familiar with a hot lemon drink to help clear a cold. More/Less

Be sure to check out the video section for cold remedies and other recipes too!

Lemons vitamin C levels help boost the immune system

Lemons: A World Famous Beauty Treatment

Lemon for BeautyFor centuries women of wisdom have used the juice of lemon to improve their skin. This lovely citrus fruit enjoys a long standing reputation for cleaning and freshening the skin and hair.

After you squeeze a lemon use the "cupped" rind to soften rough skin spots such as elbows and heels. More/Less

In the kitchen, lemon slices also help deodorize and deep cleanse your hands after a messy or smelly job. If you want added scouring power use a bit of cornmeal.

Itchy scalp? No problem just add a little fresh lemon juice to your shampoo to refresh and tone your scalp. Fresh lemon juice does not store well, so mix it per use.

Lemons blend their natural goodness with beauty formulas, check out some of ours...

Lemon Tips

Selecting lemons: lemons are ripe when they are yellow, without any green spots and firm. Check and reject if they have soft or brown spots.

Scrub lemons well to remove any dirt and residue.

parts of a Lemon Recipes that call for grated zest: use a zester remove thin strips of the peel.

Use the yellow skin only, not the bitter white pith. More/Less

A warm lemon (room temperature) will yield more juice. Roll the lemon on the kitchen counter, pressing down firmly, to break up the pulp before juicing.

See the Tips section for more information.

In the kitchen, lemon slices also help deodorize and deep cleanse your hands after a messy or smelly job.Lemon Tips

If you want added scouring power use a bit of cornmeal.

Fresh lemon juice keeps in the refrigerator for only 5 days, so mix it per use or freeze.

If you are zesting, do that first, then juice.

Whole fresh lemons should stay fresh for 2-3 days at room temperature and a couple of weeks in the refrigerator.

Lemon Law

Help for Lemon Cars When you drove you car off the lot you were not planning multiple return visits to the repair department. And you certainly were not planning on adding "Lemon Car administrator" to your resume.

If your purchase turned out to be a lemon you have the unpleasant task of seeking a remedy. More/Less

Federal and State Laws protect consumers...

State and Federal laws governing lemon cars, trucks, SUVs, lemon computers, and lemon pets (yes, pets) and other warranted products provide consumers with legal remedies for seeking financial relief in the event that the product you purchased is a "lemon."

Turn your lemon into lemonade... there's help!